The advantages of the adhesive beam

This material appeared in the construction markets of our country relatively recently, just a couple of decades ago, but immediately became quite popular and common. It is used in the construction of all kinds of buildings for various purposes, such as cottages, suburban houses or multi -melted complexes.

This wide application is quite justified, because the beam has a high -quality surface. The production technology of this material is special, so it turns out to be very functional.

Several boards, the thickness of which in total does not exceed 30 cm, passes several stages of drying and gathered in glued beams. Before assembling, the boards are checked for the presence of defects and knots, and are also selected by external similarities so that the layers are similar as possible. Thanks to this, the material has distinctive qualities.

The adhesive beam is almost immune to the effects of external factors and is not deformed during operation. Due to the fact that during production the beam is processed with special compounds, it is not subjected to cracking, does not dry out and does not rot. In addition, the building, built from this material, does not require time to shrink. The same factor allows you to speed up the construction process, because the whole construction can be performed without stopping. All construction work lasts no more than two months.

The material does not smold and is reliably protected from pests using impregnations. Due to all these advantages, the service life of the entire structure is significantly increased, which will not change its forms for a long time. Adhesive beams are very durable, which allows you to impose a large load on them, which such materials are not able to withstand. For the manufacture of glued beams, such a strict board is used.

A house built from a beam of this species protects the surface from water from the elements. Also, the building will not need to finish surfaces with insulation, because the material itself creates excellent thermal insulation.

It is fully made of environmentally friendly materials, so a favorable microclimate in the premises will be created without additional efforts. In addition, the appearance of the construction itself is quite aesthetic, which allows you to abandon the cladding of surfaces, and you can leave them in its original form both from the outside and from the internal.

All these positive qualities could not go unnoticed, so many customers and construction companies use the adhesive beam to build buildings.