Advantages of ceramic parquet

When designing interior, designers are increasingly preferring ceramic parquet, which imitates a natural wood parquet. Ceramic parquet consists of ceramic border plates, which are usually made of different sizes. This coating is quite difficult to distinguish from wooden parquet, since its texture perfectly imitates natural wood.

The manufacture of ceramic plates occurs from two varieties of clay, which is fired in special furnaces at a temperature of more than 1000 degrees. The material is given to the material with a quartz, a field spar, as well as when using natural coloring substances. As a result, the flooring has high environmental friendliness, which is very appreciated in our time, and therefore is very popular.

The surface of ceramic parquet is made in various color variations, which allows you to easily choose the coating in accordance with the main background of the room and furniture items. The drawing on this material is maintained in ideal quality and over time is not even to be washed.

The only disadvantage of ceramic coating is the low surface temperature. Therefore, many perceive tiles as uncomfortable and cold material. However, it is quite possible to turn this deficiency into an advantage. You can use the floor with heating in the room. When a certain temperature is achieved, ceramic tiles are able to retain the heat quite long. This is a great option for covering the floor with a heating system. After all, natural wood, as a rule, is dry under the effect of heat, and linoleum melts over time and emits rather harmful and toxic substances.

In addition, to simulate wood in carpet, laminate or linoleum, synthetic materials are often used in patterns that negatively affect the state of human health. Therefore, only natural stone, thanks to its beauty, durability and environmental friendliness, can create competition for natural wood.

Material such as porcelain tiles is used today very widely, especially in the role of flooring. In the field of construction of direct reservoir, porcelain tiles are always necessary. In order to carry out a cut of porcelain tiles, you must contact a special company offering such services at low prices. It should be noted that the floor of porcelain tile is one of the best solutions, since this material has an impeccable appearance and serves for quite a long time, subject to the surprise of simple operating conditions.