YouTube and how to make money on it

Perhaps one of the most popular video hostings is currently YouTube. Despite the fact that almost every Internet user is familiar with this site, not everyone knows that with the help of his affiliate program you can earn good money.

To become a partner of YouTube, it is necessary to meet some requirements:

You must be able to create really interesting and high -quality videos.

You must be the author of videos and audio recordings that you will download.

The video must be downloaded regularly, without downtime.

At least 1000 people should be signed on your channel.

Each your video should gain more than 1000 views.

YouTube and how to make money on it

If everything is in order with the requirements, then you can proceed directly to the work itself:

To begin with, of course, you need a video itself, which can be shot even on a phone camera (if it has good quality).

Then you need to register on YouTube and post your video. If you have your own personal site, you can leave a link to it under the video, thereby increasing its traffic.

If you do not have your site, you need several videos (about 20-30 pieces). Only with so many you can try to apply for participation in the affiliate program.

Now it remains to wait for the approval of your application, which can take from several days to several months. You will receive money for viewing advertising that will be located on your video.

Several useful tips

Naturally, not all people have the opportunity to shoot video on professional equipment. Of course, you can use the phone camera, or you can go the other way. If desired, the video can be created right on the computer using various programs. For example, it can be training videos-lessons (for example, photoshop video tutorials are very popular).

YouTube and how to make money on it

In addition, it is advisable to come up with an interesting, but simple and memorable name for your channel. In no case do not name your channel with some name containing many letters or numbers, since they are difficult to remember.

If you lay out the video from the party, be sure to remember that you need to get the consent of all people whose faces are clearly distinguishable for this. Otherwise, your channel may be closed.