Advantages of frame construction

The main advantage of the technology of the frame construction of the house is in a short time of construction work. The standard terms are about 3 months, provided that the house is assembly from prepared materials.

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Does not require large time costs and the construction of the foundation, Frame houses are small in weight. The cost of erecting a frame house is 2 times cheaper than the construction of brick buildings.

The design is a wooden frame with an external casing of oriented and combustion plates, the internal walls are constructed from drywall sheets. The heat -insulating material is laid inside the skin. Floors in frame houses usually build wooden. Any roofing is used for the construction of the roof: metal tile, ondulin or bitumen tiles.

Canadian and Finnish technologies for the construction of frame houses are assembled in the collection of the prepared frame at the construction site and its subsequent sheathing. German technology consists in assembling finished shields that are delivered in a collected form. The disadvantage of German technology is the inability to hide communication inside the walls.

The walls of the frame house with a thickness of 20 SMPOs with thermal insulation characteristics are not inferior to brick walls with thickness1 m. The costs of heating such a house are reduced by 3 times compared to stone and concrete structures. Wall sheathing with sheet materials will save money on surface decoration, the need for plastering does not disappear.