Handbags from luxury brands as a prestigious and fashionable accessory

Women’s bags combine the utilitarian value of an item for carrying things, and the prestige of a fashion accessory. These products can cost a lot of money, becoming a symbol of a woman’s status, her position in society. It is proposed to purchase similar products on the website of the Berlin store.

Types of bags

There are several options for products that have different shapes, sizes and purposes. In the Handbag Sense online store you can purchase the following products, divided into groups:

  1. Small bags for storing keys, bank cards, business cards and other small items. These types are usually called clutches.
  2. Open top shopping bags like Bottega Veneta Cabat Bag 43. They are relatively large in size when compared to other products.
  3. Bags for social events such as going to the theater, restaurant, parties, fashion shows.
  4. Items that can be carried in your hands or over your shoulder, thanks to the presence of a special belt.
  5. Backpacks.
  6. Travel bags.
  7. Briefcases.

Depending on the type of bag, their design, size, and material of manufacture vary. Each type can be viewed on a separate page dedicated to a specific product, where there are many images of products from different angles, and the dimensions of height, width and length are indicated. There is also a detailed description of the material used and the purpose of the handbag. The item has electronic copies of documents confirming the authenticity of the product, a number in a limited line.

Types of bags

The Handbag Sense store sells two types of items:

  1. Brand new, never owned or used even as part of promotions.
  2. Used bags. They are rented out by the owners for sale through the store. At the same time, all goods are checked and restored to look almost new.

New products are indicated in the price list and on product cards. The symbol appears without even a preview of the item, so that the client can choose exactly the option he needs.

Used products for sale have a significantly lower price, but they fully meet the quality criteria and sanitary and hygienic requirements for these products. This parameter is also indicated in the product card so that the client knows exactly what product he is purchasing.

Any type of bags can be sent to different parts of the world with a guarantee of integrity and the ability to track the entire transportation route.