How to arrange furniture in a small kitchen

It would seem that the arrangement of furniture is a harmless process that does not require any special efforts. However, even here some problems may arise, for example, such as the arrangement of furniture in a small kitchen. This, of course, is not easy, but also not impossible. If you adhere to some rules, you can perfectly fit all the necessary furniture in the smallest room and at the same time preserve the convenience, comfort and functionality of all kitchen items.

Furniture instructions

one. First, measure your entire space, then schematically draw where and how the furniture will be located. The most important attributes are, of course, a sink, a stove, a refrigerator, cabinets for dishes, a table, and only then if there is a place, you can place other furniture, less important.

2. If you need more space, and everything is not enough, then cram it, save the space with suspension cabinets. Most often, the joint of the walls remains empty, but you can not miss the free space, which is why it is better to place a wall cabinet.

3. When choosing cabinets, keep in mind that sliding cabinets occupy a lot more space, and with the help of ordinary shelves, you can save enough space.

four.As for the refrigerator, with the right choice, you can save space on it. The elongated refrigerator perfectly contains higher and voluminous dishes, and it will take much less than the usual, standard.

5.The cutting countertop is another assistant in order to save as much space as possible. You can make it from a laminated chipboard, The price of chipboard is small. The countertop can perform several functions – a cutting table, you can place a sink on it, and under it a garbage bucket.

6.The table is a very important item in the kitchen, isn’t it? And refuse him in any way. If you have a large family and have a large table in the kitchen, in which everyone has enough space, but during the day it is he who clutches you all the way, then it is not a problem. There is a solution. Buy a folding table that can be folded and, if necessary, lay out.

7. Lighting in the kitchen, undoubtedly, should be good, but you should not buy huge chandeliers or sconces on the walls. Firstly, they do not look very much in the kitchen, although everyone’s personal business will only reduce your room even more. Better place several small bulbs on the ceiling, which visually expand the room.

eight. Now, if you still have a place in the kitchen, you can bring the rest of the furniture, chairs, soft ottomans will not interfere with you and your guests.