How to fall in love with a guy

All the girls think about this, as soon as you get acquainted with the young man of your dreams. But they already really want to fall in love with him, keep him near, make him dream only about you, and so that he has been only with you all his life.

There is no typical “scheme” of the guy to conquer. But there are secrets that help answer this riddle. This is what is needed for this.

How to fall in love with a guy

Look great. All faces of the opposite sex love their eyes. You must be well -groomed, not vulgar. Natural beauty and female secrets of beauty – this will make any boyfriend win your love.

Be a mystery to him. Do not rush to immediately tell the man all the details of his past. “Give” him data about your personal life in small portions. Do not tire a man with constant talkativeness. At first it is better to share only short remarks about your biography.

Stick the guy with extraordinary.  Feel free to devote him to the interesting world of your hobbies. People are attracted by enthusiastic, educated personalities with successes in any field – what to say about who is sympathetic to you?

Support his hobby. Shared your own with him and find out what excites your protege. Be sure to support him in this! Find out more information about his hobby, and ideally make his hobbies and yours too!

How to fall in love with a guy

Be smart and very developed. Recent studies show that women are increasingly attracting to a woman’s mind. Of course, you can’t get it in a week, but you have to continue your whole life to “smart”. “White spots” in knowledge can easily be replenished if you want it. You must be able to support the conversation on completely different topics – imagine the shock of your sweet one if you tell your opinion about football or cars. Here you will definitely rise in his eyes!

Remain inaccessible. No need to end your first meeting in bed, especially if you really like this man, and you want a serious relationship with him. There is no need to rush, your whole life is still ahead! Do not deprive yourself of dates, walks under the moon, the first kisses, passionate hugs, sweet minutes of waiting for your meeting. Since after sex the sensations will not be the same as they were before.

Try to keep it all the time on a short leash. Do not periodically answer his calls, be late for meetings and end them before, periodically, periodically cause him jealousy for other men. But just do not overdo it a stick! Because the lover is exhausting you with jealousy and suspicions – and this can destroy the already beginning relations in the root.

How to fall in love with a guy

Not to be too demanding on him. Most women make the same mistake, feeling very early to the full ruler of his dreams. They make increased demands on guys. Their whims, threats, tears – all this is annoying and even infuriates men. If you think that the secret of conquering a young man is only to constantly bother him, then you are making a big mistake! Be more modest-this should go no earlier than you will take your desired place in his life and can set any demands for your lover.

Do your every date. Charm him somehow constantly: a pleasant heart with a souvenir, a love poem, a picnic by the lake or on the roof of a high-rise. Connect your imagination to the fullest and show the man that only next to you will be so good and unusual.

Put on light, feminine dresses. Romantic outfits from silk, chiffon, viscose, organza will help create the image of a delicate, fragile and seductive woman. Therefore, the chances of luck will increase several times. If this clothing is unusual for you, then you need to switch to it gradually. Put on a blouse with ruffles and favorite jeans. And in a week or two experiment with a dress.

Sometimes put on his things. This advice for girls who are already in close relationships. Wearing T -shirts and shirts of your beloved man at home. Wearing his things, you will look fragile and the most native woman for him.

You can achieve the result you need. Just believe, in your strength and follow our advice – and success is definitely guaranteed to you!