How to call a money gnome

People are interested in how to call a money gnome for a number of reasons. The main reason is to improve your financial situation, other reasons are curiosity or acquisition of paranormal experience. The call of this gnome will be difficult, but using some tools and tips, you can discover the other world for yourself, the journey into which can be successful and fruitful.

How to call a money gnome

First you can try to find a convenient place for meditation to calm your mind and soul. Then put a gnome figure in front of you, lay out coins around it and start meditating. Mediting is not just sitting and silent. You need to think about the desire that the dwarf can fulfill. Practice meditation at the same time, it is necessary in one place, every day, for at least 20 minutes.

You can also try an automatic letter. Automatic letter is a form of active meditation, where a person reaches a relaxed state, which allows the hand to move on paper without censorship or thought. With a pen in the hand, many people can get a message from the gnome from the outside, and this may be an interesting way to talk to him. First you need to train meditation, and then try an automatic letter.

It is necessary to record your dreams and desires that can fulfill the money.

How to call a money gnome

The money gnome is easier to communicate in a state of sleep. You need to ask him a question before going to bed and then it will be possible to see him or get an answer during sleep. It is necessary to keep a dream diary and pay special attention to the dreams where the money gnome appears and says something in a dream. He may be trying to tell you something or direct you to money.

You can talk to a cash gnome, for example, during cooking. Ask him questions: how to cope with the task of purchasing money or how to find a monetary work or when to buy a winning lottery ticket. The answer will come in the form of words in your mind. This is the easiest way to come into contact with a cash gnome. If this is done several times, a sense of confidence in their ability to receive answers to more complex questions will come.

It is necessary to monitor the answers. The answer to the question may not be received immediately. You can see the answer to the television show or in advertising, or hear it in songs on the radio. The money gnome directs you, and the answer may appear anywhere.

At the end of the conversation with the money gnome, it is necessary to thank him for the meeting and for the correct answer to the question asked.