How to correctly install the bath in the bathroom

How to correctly install the bathroom in the bathroom, it should be decided based on the size of the bathroom itself. The method of sealing the container for water also depends on what the size of the passage between the bathroom and the opposite wall also depends.

If this distance is large enough, you can start by installing a wooden frame. Make it from sections size 30×40 mm. Structurally, the frame is a frame with three wooden legs. The slats of the frame are interconnected through spikes and glue.

The frame is fixed with screws to the wall, which will have a bath. If the container has an angular location, then the frame is attached to both walls.

The upper edge of the frame should be included in the bathhouse, so it should be made rounded. Blings of paper-layer plastic are suspended to the same upper edge with the help of loops. The size of the shields should be such that they cover the entire frame structure. It is these shields that will be peculiar doors fixed on the lower edge of the frame using magnetic latches.

Side-side doors will cover the openings on the left and right under the bathroom. In these niches it will be possible to hide household items of large sizes. Behind the middle shield, it will be possible to install 2 shelves (in the length of the shield). Boxes with washing powder, soap and other small household items will be stored on these shelves.

In the case when the passage between the bathroom and the opposite wall is quite limited in width, you can not hang the shields on the frame with the help of loops, but install them in plastic scraps. It is on these frames that the plastic doors will move in one and the other side. In this case, all three shields should have the same sizes. For the convenience of movement in each of the shields, it is necessary to drill 2 holes with a diameter of 25-30 mm-they will perform the function of door handles.

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