How to cure snoring

Many people suffer from snoring, and some do not even know about it, especially if they live alone. Snoring occurs as a result of vibrations that occur in the oral and nasal cavity during sleep. This phenomenon occurs mainly with the nasal congestion, as well as in people who detect the curvature of the new partition. Full people often suffer from snoring.

How to cure snoring

According to doctors who conducted whole studies of this phenomenon, found several reasons why people snore.


Often snore people who sleep on their backs.

Curvature of the nasal septum, as well as inflammation of the chronic nature of the organs of the nasopharynx.


Also, after taking alcohol, the muscle of the nasopharynx is narrowing, therefore, snoring occurs.

The same doctors unanimously claim that snoring needs to be treated. Otherwise, this is fraught with very serious consequences. Even cases are known when people were suffocating in a dream due to snoring, and this led, unfortunately, to death.

How to cure snoring

Now we will consider the methods that experts offer in order to cope with this phenomenon.

If a snoring occurs due to excess mass of the body, then naturally you need to fight the root cause, and lose weight. In this case, you must definitely consult a doctor and a nutritionist so that they select the correct method of losing weight.

If snoring occurs due to smoking, then is it not a reason to quit this pernicious habit. Smoking tobacco generally negatively affects the health of the respiratory system and organs of the nasopharynx. To quit smoking must also because it poisons the whole organism whole. Chronic and oncological diseases often occur.

Doctors also advise changing the pose in which a snoring person is sleeping. You can ask the residents of the apartment to help in this. The habit of sleeping in certain poses is produced in a person for years, but if you try, everything can be corrected and accustomed to sleep in any position except the back.

How to cure snoring

Doctors can prescribe the use of special drugs that will help to cope with snoring. These drugs mainly contain menthol, eucalyptus, excerpt from peppermint. These components have an anti -inflammatory and tonic effect.

There are also special applicants that are inserted into the oral cavity. This device increases the size of the pharynx during sleep, shifting forward the lower jaw.

How to cure snoring

What ways can be used in addition to prevent the appearance of snoring during sleep.

Rinse the nasal cavity, and the organs of the nasopharynx with a solution of sea salt. It is also worth rinsing the throat.

Buy a special pillow on which it will be convenient to sleep on the side. This will save from the desire to roll over on your back.

You should not eat before bedtime, especially for complete people who already tend to suffer from snoring.

Do not take a re -relaxing and soothing medicine. This can relax the nasopharynx, which is not minimum, will lead to snoring.

How to cure snoring

There is also a set of exercises developed by doctors, which helps to eliminate snoring.

Studge your tongue forward. Do it as much as possible. In this case, a strong tension of the base of the language will feel. Linger in this position for a few seconds, then relax. Repeat this exercise 20 times.

Develop the lower jaw. Move it 30 times ahead and backward.

Strain the cervical muscles, while pronounce the sound “s” mono. Repeat 20 times.

If you perform these exercises regularly before bedtime, then in a week the result will be visible.