How to do face massage

Facial massage procedure is a great way to improve metabolism and stabilize blood circulation. We can say that facial massage rejuvenates the skin, making it soft and elastic. So facial massage is the main actions that are necessary for the skin of the face. Professional massage will help to achieve an excellent result, but if this is not possible, it is quite possible to do your own massage on your own.


Before starting the massage procedure, it is necessary to prepare the skin of the face. Should be washed with clean water or cleanse the skin with a special cosmetic product.

For massage, it is advisable to use a face cream that protect the skin from damage.

Facial massage technique

There are a large number of massage techniques. The entire massage procedure lasts no more than ten minutes. The massage procedure consists of four stages:

Light stroking;

Rubbing the skin of the face;


A fairly tight pressing.

Any massage technique is carried out in the main directions. It is in these places that the skin of the face is more elastic, which allows it to withstand great merits.

Massage is carried out by the following exercises:

We start massage from the forehead. From its middle towards the temples;

Next, we go down, go to the eyes. In the upper eyelid: first from the inner corner of the eye towards the external, in the opposite direction along the lower eyelid;

On the lower jaw: from the middle of the chin to the earlobes of the ears;

On the nose: from the bridge of the nose towards the tip of the nose;

From nose to ears;

On the cheeks: from the corners of the mouth we draw in both directions towards the ears;

Alternating two directions: from the middle of the upper lip to the wings of the nose and then to the upper part of the auricle.

In general, there is no need to perform all exercises. You can limit yourself to a few people you like. In any case, all actions are carried out in several stages:

We fold our fingers together, except for the little finger and large and perform a light shading;

We carry out sharp pressure resembling pops;

The latest actions will be light vibrating movements;

At the end of the massage, light strokes are carried out from top to bottom, in order to tone the skin of the face.

Deviations from the above massage scheme are quite possible. After the massage is completed, remove the remaining cream with a cotton swab, using a cleansing tonic. To improve the effect after facial massage, you can apply a nutrient mask. This will allow the skin to take a break from the load and relax.