How to grow peonies

Piones can grow for many years in one place without requiring special care. Properly selected plants, with different colors of flowers, will be a real decoration of your country site.

And although the flowers will not delight their owners with large and bright buds for a long time, but the foliage of these plants will decorate the site until the fall.

The key to abundant flowering peonies is their proper landing. Therefore, you should pay special attention to this question.

Peonies must be planted in sunny places. They will grow well in easily shaded areas (small shadow for 2-3 hours).

If the flowers will grow in the shade, then they will almost not bloom, or they will not bloom at all. Although, the bushes will be good to develop.

It will be better if you cook planting pits for peonies in advance. This is recommended to do so that by the time the roots are planted, the soil has already sat down.

The sizes of the pit should be as follows: depth and diameter – 70 centimeters.

This will allow plants to form a powerful system of roots that go to a decent depth.

When digging a pit, you should remove the upper layer of the earth as a fenced layer to the side.

It is necessary to fill the finished pit with a 2/3 mixture of ripe manure and compost. Then add superphosphate – 200 grams and wood ash – liter jar. Mix everything well.

Plant the roots of the peony and fill up from above with the top layer of the earth (postponed, earlier, to the side).

If the soil is sandy, then it is recommended to add 1.5 buckets of ordinary clay to the lower part of the prepared pit.

In the event that you plant peonies just like that – without a pit and without fertilizers, then the roots will grow only in the upper soil, and will not develop.

Particular attention should be paid to planting material.  Very large divisions should not be planted, or completely transplanted the entire bush without division. By this, you cannot achieve large colors from the plant in large numbers.

It is necessary to divide the roots! Each division should have no more than five kidneys. Otherwise, the young root system will develop very badly (or will not at all). The whole first year of plants will exist due to those substances that were in old roots.

In the future, these bushes may not bloom at all or will, but not so abundantly.

The depth of the peony planting should be such that the upper eyes are not higher than 5 centimeters above the soil.

Planted peonies, the whole first year of their life, will intensively develop their root system. At this moment, it will very come to do with fuel feeding peonies.

The buds that appear in the first year of the plant’s life should be removed when they will be the size of a pea.

Adult plants should be fed first with nitrogen (carried out in the spring – during the start of the growing season). It is necessary, in the backward snow, scatter 15 grams of nitrogen fertilizer around the bushes with potassium and close it into the ground. You can feed and immediately after the snow cover.

The next top dressing should be carried out at the time of buds of plants (fertilizer composition: nitrogen – 10 grams, potassium and phosphorus – 15 grams of each).

The third top dressing is very important. She will affect the abundant flowering of peonies next year. It must be carried out 2 weeks after all peonies bloom. Phosphorus and potassium are introduced – 15 grams of each.

Should also be regularly watering. This is especially true of time-the end of July and the beginning of August. It is at this time that the formation is being formed, in plants, the kidneys of renewal.

If peonies are grown for cutting, then the flowers should be cut so that they remain on a stem of at least 2 lower leaves, in order to accumulate nutrients in the soil and for the kidneys.