How to injections Botox “

If a woman has wrinkles, they immediately give out her habits, character, age. But even with professional skin care, we will not be able to remain young forever. To get rid of wrinkles today there are injections of youth.

Europe in our time is covered by a real botox boom. Even young girls want to use this miraculous tool, and age ladies become addicted to youth vaccinations.

What is called Botox? It’s about poison, although not so terrible. For many years, Botox has been used as a cosmetic product. Botox blocks the signals between the muscle and the nerve with its influence. If you want to move your eyebrows, unfortunately, the muscles will not be able to get this command. This mechanism makes the muscles turn off, which prevents the formation of wrinkles. With the help of Botox, excessive sweating is treated, a number of proctological and ophthalmic diseases, cerebral palsy and migraines are treated.

How effective are Botox injections?

The effect of Botox is strictly individual. Someone has muscles block for seven or even eight months, for someone less than a month. The effect occurs immediately after the injection, small wrinkles disappeared, and deep – by three quarters. Each subsequent injection leads to the accumulation of the effect and its strengthening. Botox is a means soluble in water and easily removed from our body. The injections are painless, since in injections they use an insulin syringe and local anesthesia.

The procedure is carried out for ten to twenty minutes. Having received an injection, you can immediately return to an active lifestyle. Two weeks after the injection, you cannot be in the sun, you will have to abandon alcoholic beverages and taking antibiotics and some other drugs. There are no age restrictions, but minors are prohibited to produce botox injections. The most optimal age for such procedures occurs after a person occurs for 30 years, when wrinkles begin to actively form.

The body is not noticed by the body, and the dose will not be increased. But the appearance of psychological dependence is not excluded. Feeling how beauty injections act, many begin to get carried away with this, and it is already difficult to stop here. Nobody wants to see wrinkles on his chela again. But it is worth making a few bias of Botox again, and the facial expressions will occur, and smoothing wrinkles.