Improvements in the construction industry have been recorded

A few days ago, the next working meeting of the heads of the territorial bodies of the Ukrainian State Architectural Inspectorate was held. The press service of the department said that the key issue that stood directly on the agenda was reduced based on the results of the first quarter of the total interest on refusals regarding registration of permits: if, according to the results of the first quarter of last year, this indicator was at the level of 24 percent, then already in current – no more than 17 percent.

Based on the results of the first quarter, within the framework of the Unified State Register, about 21 thousand documents were recorded at the beginning of construction measures, which eventually turned out to be 4 percent more than the same period last 2013. In addition, the number of documentation has increased regarding the readiness of the commissioning of real estate objects. There were about 18 thousand such objects, which is fully consistent with the results of last year.

Among other things, according to the results of the first quarter, more than 8 were commissioned.2 thousand objects for housing construction, out of the specified amount of about 6 thousand objects are single -apartment buildings and only 1.6 thousand – apartment buildings.

Maxim Martynyuk, the head of the Gosarchstroy inspectorate of Ukraine, as part of the meeting, gave several rather important instructions. As a priority in the work of the entire inspection, an increase in general quality on inspection work was determined, as well as the organization of specialized consultations for the Ukrainian population. It is supposed to organize centers in which consultations will be provided daily, primarily on those issues that are in the competence of construction and architectural control bodies.